2020 was a year when many of us needed extra comfort. Unpredictable circumstances brought a sense of loneliness and uncertainty to our lives.  

It was a period during which many of us felt the importance of loving myself, others, and ourselves.


How was your 2020?


We hope the LOVE MYSELF Campaign was a great comfort and consolation to you this year. 



Unlike last year, the Love Myself Campaign could not travel across the world with BTS. However, thanks to the massive support online for the campaign, the “LOVE MYSELF” message reached more people and places. 


Check out what the Love Myself Campaign went through this year! 👉 (Love Myself Instagram)





In March, through a video message, BTS comforted and encouraged people who were struck by the unexpected pandemic. BTS expressed their pride and gratitude in jump-starting the relay of encouragement which was followed by the football star Son Heung-min and many others. 


(Watch this video on YouTube 👉 Link)




BTS delivered the “LOVE MYSELF” message through their commencement speech at “Dear Class of 2020” hosted by YouTube. This online virtual graduation ceremony was joined by many celebrities including former president of the United States Barack Obama. BTS emphasized the importance of encouraging oneself and keeping moving forward.


(Watch this video on YouTube 👉 Link)




BTS delivered a special message at the 75th UN General Assembly urging young people to seek out their dreams in spite of the challenges they encounter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many joined the online streaming in real-time to show support to BTS’ “LOVE MYSELF” message.


(Watch this video on YouTube 👉 Link)




Special thanks are in order to everyone for celebrating the third anniversary of the Love Myself Campaign together.


Starting from November 2017, supporters world-wide spread messages of the Love Myself Campaign with #BTSLoveMyself hashtags. A total of 14,002,049 #BTSLoveMyself hashtags in support led to a cumulative 3,223,116,482 won for the Love Myself Campaign fund!


Thank you all the supporters, and ARMY for being with us.


Let’s not forget, “Loving myself is the beginning of true love.”

Let’s continue to “LOVE MYSELF” more in 2021!



Happy New Year!