“LOVE MYSELF” – A Message from BTS to the world!

BTS delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly last year, saying “Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself” to the young people around the world. This impacted many people deeply and people answered to this message using #SpeakYourself on social media. Brave and genuine voices have given courage and support for each other.


Thanks to ARMY, many have supported BTS’s message and the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign for nearly a year. In 2019, ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign turns to ARMY, where you lead the campaign. Please get ready to share your stories with “#ARMYLoveMyself” project!






How do you “LOVE MYSELF”? Share your moments when you love and pamper yourself in your daily lives. Those moments can be: spending time with your loving pet, taking a long walk, or having a cup of coffee. Every moment counts.


Share your “true” stories. Show your friends, family, and even to strangers, that you really love yourself. And share that strength and power with them. Through your stories, others can realize their love for themselves, learn ways of taking care of yourself, and help practice love for others.



How to participate


  1. Take a photo or video of that shows how you love yourself in your daily lives
  2. Upload it on your personal social network (Instagram, Twitter)
  3. Remember to add these two hashtags on your post! #ARMYLoveMyself, #BTSLoveMyself
  • Participating posts can be shared on or used as a part of “LOVE MYSELF” campaign’s official channel (website, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Please refrain from using the copyrighted material of a third-party.



Examples of #ARMYLoveMyself



  • I have a secret notebook of my own. I jot down my thoughts and what I’ve been through in the notebook. It is the moment when I closely listen to my voice. #ARMYLoveMyself #BTSLoveMyself




  • Enjoying my favorite food! Nothing can reward me the most! #ARMYLoveMyself #BTSLoveMyself




  • I plan a trip when I want an escape. I always feel a rush when I am on the plane. During my travel, I am able to look into myself deeper and love myself more. #ARMYLoveMyself #BTSLoveMyself



#ARMYLoveMyself begins with you, now.

Show your way of loving yourself with #ARMYLoveMyself.