In November 2017, BigHit Entertainment and South Korean boy band BTS entered into a partnership with the Korean Committee for UNICEF KOREA in an anti-violence campaign called ‘LOVE MYSELF’ to deliver a message of ‘love yourself and make a better world with that love’. With the beginning of the campaign, they are collaborating with UNICEF to support UNICEF’s #ENDviolence campaign. Also, they are helping children as well as youth to overcome difficulties and wounded hearts through encouraging them to love themselves and restore trust.


About a year later, on September 24th of 2018, BTS participated in the ‘UNICEF Generation Unlimited’ partnership event of the 73rd regular session of the UN General Assembly in New York as the representative of global youth. The leader of the group, RM, became the first Korean singer who made a speech on the podium at the event to deliver his own touching story to the world.


Such honorable opportunity was possible due to the full support and participation of A.R.M.Y fans while they were making the utmost efforts to ensure goodwill from BTS would influence more people of the world. RM expressed his sincere gratitude towards A.R.M.Y during the speech.




As RM introduces himself with his legal name Kim Nam-joon at the speech, he said as BTS started the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, he has received messages from young generations who have lost beliefs on themselves, daunted and suffered by hardships of life. These messages brought him a sense of duty to help these people love themselves again and find their own inner voice.


Although BTS is now one of the most popular artists in the world who can open concerts in a stadium, the members had hard times in the past when they were unrecognized and criticized. Although they still make some mistakes, RM confessed that he can now love all aspects of himself and added that we all know how to love ourselves. He ended the speech by emphasizing to find your name and voice to tell us about yourself.



The story that BTS would like to deliver to A.R.M.Y fans through music and the LOVE MYSELF campaign is the story of “true love”. And the true love starts from loving yourself.


Do you love yourself? Tell us your own story.

You can join the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign by using #BTSLoveMyself on your personal social media and sharing your own story.